Thursday, 28 December 2017

Easy Life/ Too Experienced

The thing with Easy Life / Too Experienced ...
......was that it was put out as a double A side , with Easy Life being AA and Too Experienced  as the A side , consequently Easy Life got more publicity and radio play , but for me I always preferred Too Experience . Easy Life was received well because of its feminist lyric.

Jerry Dammers produced them both .  A couple of weeks after we had recorded them  he became fixated about the timing on Too Experienced and rebooked a studio for the weekend to add a tambourine (on the offbeat ). I recall he , Jane and I in the studio recording over the track , the other members of the band and gone off to the launderette.  Jerry ended up playing the tambourine himself, just ahead of the offbeat to speed up the song a fraction .

 Later I remember hearing Too Experienced for the first time on acetate , it was the closest thing to the original sound I had always had in my head for the band , I think Jerry did a great production on it . When it was reviewed in the NME they wrote that we sounded like a cross between PIL and the Supremes, recorded in an aircraft hanger. I think that was the coolest compliment . 

cc Nicky Summers

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